"Dear Sandeep Ji,
It was wonderful experience for us in Sikkim. We covered all the destinations as per scheduled. Thanks to Mr. Sandeep for coordinating & arrangements. Thanks Dharshan  Holidays Tours.
- Harish Padmanabhan ( har309@gmail.com)

"Dear Sandeep,
I am Kun Si Song from Singapore. My friends and I went to Geochala through Darshan Holidays Travels last year Sept. We are very satisfied with the trek and the level of service provided by your agency throughout the trip. The trekking services that your agency offered was just unforgettable!!!"
-Best Regards,Kun Song ( kunsison@gmail.com)

"Hi Sandeep,
Back in Bangalore.. ( safe and missing the beautiful hills and mountains!). Thank you so much for making it such a memorable trip. It's the best vacation I have had with my family ever!
Gurudongmar was scary (with my toddler). With my daughter feeling kind of giddy as we reached the lake. The driver (Ratan) was awesome. He quickly got us down to safety as soon as possible.
Lachung, I don't have words to explain it!! "Beautiful" is really an understatement. The snow clad mountains on one side and the waterfalls on the other.. God must have been in a really good mood when we was working on Lachung. We just got lucky to see it.. and experience it.
Thank you for organizing the beautiful trip for us!"
- Rashmi, David, and Preeti, (Bangalore)

"Hello Sandeep,
I am writing to say thank you for a very enjoyable trek. Sikkim is as beautiful as you had promised it would be and it was very exciting to be surrounded by such enormous mountains. All the arrangements went very smoothly and the skill and judgement of your staff contributed greatly to my enjoyment and the eventual success of the trip. Please pass on my best wishes to them all. If I have one criticism it would be that few of the guides and porters in the many tour groups on the trail seemed properly equipped. I don't know if there are any guidelines that groups are supposed to follow but I think it might be a good idea if essentials such as sunglasses and basic medicines were provided to the guides and porters by the trek companies and then collected back afterwards to guarantee that this does not happen in the future. I would be interested to hear your opinion on the matter. Thanks again for a great trip.
-Yours sincerely,Joel Peter. "
-Mr. Lorem Ipsum, Kolkata

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